Monday, 27 June 2022

The school in Strawczyn in the action of the Polish Humanitarian Action "Instead of a flower I help Ukraine"

 June 24, 2022 at the Primary School Stefan Żeromski in Strawczyn, we completed the action "Instead of a flower, I help Ukraine".

Students and their parents, instead of expressing their gratitude to the educators and teachers at the end of the school year in the form of flowers or small sweets, could give gifts to those in need in Ukraine or donate money to a special account of the Polish Humanitarian Action. Thank you for all the money paid by you, and gifts in kind on June 27, 2022. we handed them over to the Commune Office in Strawczyn, which will soon transport them to the Ukrainian partner city of Chodorów. Once again, on behalf of the Management and the Teaching Staff, thank you very much !!!!!


Saturday, 25 June 2022

It's time for vacation! SP Strawczyn. Poland.

 The holiday long awaited by all students has finally arrived. On Wednesday, June 22 and Friday - June 24 at the Primary School S. Żeromski in Strawczyn, the end of the school year ceremony took place for students in grades "0" and kindergarten, and grades 1-8, respectively. They were guided by the slogan: "Those were beautiful days." On June 24, the graduates, i.e. the eighth grade students, said goodbye to the school, teachers, friends and colleagues, presenting, right after the official part, a reflective and humorous artistic program enriched with attractive vocal and dance accents. Then, the school's director, Mrs. Jadwiga Elżbieta Błaszczyk, thanked all the participants: students, parents, teachers and school employees for their year-long learning and cooperation, and wished them a healthy, safe and joyful holiday. After the awards and diplomas were presented to the most outstanding students, a representative of alumni and parents spoke, thanking them for the knowledge, care and support from teachers, and wishing everyone a wonderful holiday. When the ceremony was over, the students and their teachers went to the classrooms, where they collected their testimonies, exchanged their last comments and hugs, and then left the school impatiently to enjoy free freedom for two months ...